Tuesday, April 01, 2008


happy april gardenfool's day! what is this flower? it's an upside-down epimedium acuminatum, upside-down so that it looks like a fool's hat! this photo was brazenly borrowed from the university of british columbia, vancouver, botanical garden website.

my favorite epimedium resource is darrell probst, who discovers new epimediums from china.


Kerri said...

Another group of plants to explore! The Darrell Probst site looks interesting. I couldn't get your link for the Uni to work.
The photo is a beauty, and does resemble an April Fool's hat. Very clever :)
Happy day after April Fool's Day!

em said...

Thanks, Kerri! Yup, Epimediums are a great shade plant to have, very pretty! And they increase nicely, but not invasively. I must have messed up the dang link!