Monday, March 31, 2008


My relatives in Campbellton, NB having been sending incredible snow pictures this winter:
Can you top these? Feel free to comment and leave a link to your snow picture posts!


Nancy J. Bond said...

My daughter lives in Fredericton and yes, New Brunswick has had a lot of snow this winter. There was a week-long period where the snow actually covered their downstairs windows like a dark curtain. We've had a fair bit of snow here in Nova Scotia, but nothing that compares to either of those pictures!

em said...

thanks for the comment. i'm pleased to hear of these snowy anecdotes from afar!

Kerri said...

No, I can't top those, and I'm glad!
We've had plenty of cold temps, but thankfully, not nearly as much snow this winter as Maine, and some areas in Canadas.
Great pictures!

em said...

Thanks, Kerri! See the new post, with pics from Maine!