Sunday, October 25, 2009


time to continue the clean up, harvest and bulb planting! i'm planning the center bed a hot palette of yellow, orange and red, with a bit of purple here and there, based on dutch designer jasper van der zon's mixed design at keukenhof ("one to watch," march 2009, garden design, p18.)first, the harvest... here's all the fordhook acorn squash from 4 plants, except one with which i made a soup about a month ago. we're going to try another tonight to see if they have sweetened up. the clothespin gives scale.
here are the carrots i harvested last week. i've still got more out there, but i'm not sure if they'll mature.
putting my back into it. i excavated the top 2-3 inches of soil so that it would be easier to place and dig in the bulbs.
luna watched me (previous photo and this courtesy of hubs.)
i'm planting tulips, daffodils, crown imperial fritillaria, muscari macrocarpum (yellow!) and lachenalia aloides pearsonii. i was disappointed to see some of the bulbs (all of the fritillaria) had mold. i hope they come up. here you can see the daffs placed, and the dogs beginning to wonder where i went. get your gf butt down here and plant those bulbs!
and here it is all finished. i've also removed the beans and all the curcurbits. i swept, but i don't intend to do that too much more this year!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


undulating southern magnolia leaf edge...
colchicum 'water lily' sparkling with raindrops friday morning...finally the night blooming cereus bloomed! the last few years, this plant's buds withered without opening. this flower was the 3rd try for this plant! i was rushing out the door to work on friday at 7:30 am and noticed this flower. i dropped my briefcase, grabbed my camera, and took the shots above and below.

echinacea 'coconut lime' is going to flower! i had despaired, but if the frost holds off, i should see one this year!
delicate detail of hydrangea 'limelight.' yes, that's an ill-fated japanese beetle hiding!
dwarf (?) oakleaf hydrangea has started to turn on the north side, except for this younger leaf.
the square garden looks a bit messy, but the mums and asters help.
i've been letting wild asters populate the new south border, because it's so pretty and carefree. the tree in the middle is a japanese stewartia, and the foreground plants are alpine strawberries.
rose 'heritage' taking its final bow, with a fiery marigold background near the potager.
'heritage' is on the fence in front of the potager fence (right above the lens i amateurishly left in the shot.)
another view of the potager through the garden gate... you can see i cleaned out all the blighty tomatoes this weekend. on the left is the big-leaved magnolia, then the amsonia, then the grasses, then the herbs.
the typical view of the potager, in the late afternoon.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


heavy lifting in the potager this weekend! i swapped the larger dwarf alberta spruces for smaller ones in the center. it's been my plan to have the potager accented by smaller conical plants that echo the trellis shape. you can see that i put the larger spruces in brick-colored square (unfortunately plastic) planters at the end of the paths. it will look really cool in the snow, i promise! i also cleaned up a bit. The potager is still producing carrots, beets, kale, beans and herbs. i hope to have sugar snap peas by the end of this month.for miss m, here are the pumpkins and squash i bought at the local fancy nursery. i like the cinderella pumpkin at the bottom and the pink one hiding in the back. i really like them all!
and, after 2 years of searching, i finally found a dwarf picea orientalis that was small enough to be affordable. hey, it may not look like much now, but check back in 10 years!