Sunday, April 26, 2009


yesterday and today, hubs and i built trellises for the cucumbers and squash from old lumber and chicken wire. i planted everything except for the tomatoes and watermelon. you can see the lettuce doing nicely in the center; the carrots and beets are up, the beans are also planted. i've put basil in the small square pots at the back.
here's a garden-level view from the gate, showing the trellises on the seed mounds.


with all this unseasonable heat, i got up early to clean up the square garden... here it is all cleaned up...
two and a half hours later, it was 85 degrees and i'd had enough. here is before the clean up...
aside from general weediness, the pot with alpines had fallen apart (bottom corner), grass had invaded everwhere, the japanese bloodgrass was out of control, camelia needed pruning, landscape fabric and dog poops littered the pebble sqaure. what a mess! it will really look nice when more than just the little camellia are blooming.


with all the garden clean up, i find a rest with my camera therapeutic... luna in a graceful pose...
inside of m. ruby, fast wilting today in the unseasonable 80+ degree heat...
my one camellia success story...
anemone nemerosa's cheerful faces...
m. daybreak in it's short-lived glory...

and the yoshino cherry, blushing from white to pink...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


here's the potager gate hubs built for me, which serendipitously frames the yoshino cherry...
poeticus daffodil seems to fly in north garden
hosta emerges in woodland garden
daffodil backlit by afternoon sun
curly quince blooming in north garden
daffodils in north garden
epimedium 'crimson queen' blooming in woodland garden with maidenhair fern in foreground
azalea, i forget which one, has really subtle colors in the south garden 
i was surprised by a morel, volunteering in the woodland garden
anemone nermerosa is just blooming all over the garden; this flower is smaller than a dime and has a cute green insect peering at us
yellow epimedium has a profusion of pink buds and stems
prunus 'hallie joviette' was transplanted last year to the front yard, and is still recovering
as the garden becomes more presentable, i'll show larger views, i promise...


magnolia ruby, in my garden for about 6 years now, has bloomed most mightily this year, with just a little brown from the cold.  
m. ruby has flowers 9 inches across!
you can see some cold damage on these flowers, but wow!
i'm ga ga, i want to take portraits of each flower.
m. ruby in the morning.
yet another flower; hence my title, gf.
next, m. daybreak will bloom!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


sorry for the lateness of this post, busy weekend.  below are daffs orangerie on the left and tahiti on the right, indoors in late afternoon sun.
mourning dove this morning. this weekend was cold and rainy, but this week will be warmer, i think enough to plant seeds in the potager next weekend.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


early blooming magnolias are a risky investment here; blooming in april can mean frost burnt flowers.  here m. ruby prepares for her upcoming show...
m. leonard messel just opened yesterday. the afternoon sun highlights the petals' outer color.
m. ruby again, this bud has not been bleached by the sun, like the one at top.  ruby is the reddest magnolia that will survive in zone 6.
m. leonard messel again.
potager update: hubs is installing a gate in the deer fencing.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


the potager is finished!  today i bought 15 more bags of dirt (i really could use even more) hauled it all in, and completed an "m" bed and the big bed on the right. hubs finished the other "m" bed and the little sqaure one.  i planted the dwarf fruit trees and a few pansies. now hubs is out there finishing hanging the deer fencing.  whew!
if you look closely, you can see the lettuce coming up in the center bed. the sugar snap peas are up, and i added string to the trellis to support them.  perhaps more planting tomorrow...