Sunday, April 19, 2009


here's the potager gate hubs built for me, which serendipitously frames the yoshino cherry...
poeticus daffodil seems to fly in north garden
hosta emerges in woodland garden
daffodil backlit by afternoon sun
curly quince blooming in north garden
daffodils in north garden
epimedium 'crimson queen' blooming in woodland garden with maidenhair fern in foreground
azalea, i forget which one, has really subtle colors in the south garden 
i was surprised by a morel, volunteering in the woodland garden
anemone nermerosa is just blooming all over the garden; this flower is smaller than a dime and has a cute green insect peering at us
yellow epimedium has a profusion of pink buds and stems
prunus 'hallie joviette' was transplanted last year to the front yard, and is still recovering
as the garden becomes more presentable, i'll show larger views, i promise...


Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 said...

Spring is here :)

Lovely flowers ...

Kerri said...

The epimediums are exquisitely delicate! I'm oohing and aahing :) (not limited to the epimediums...all your blooms are wonderful!)
Your hubs did such a good job on the gate...and it frames the Yoshino cherry so nicely!
'Hallie' is a cherry tree, right? I love the quince blooms too. How do you protect these from the deer?