Sunday, April 19, 2009


magnolia ruby, in my garden for about 6 years now, has bloomed most mightily this year, with just a little brown from the cold.  
m. ruby has flowers 9 inches across!
you can see some cold damage on these flowers, but wow!
i'm ga ga, i want to take portraits of each flower.
m. ruby in the morning.
yet another flower; hence my title, gf.
next, m. daybreak will bloom!


Kerri said...

Wow, 9 inches! That's remarkable, and that coloring is absolutely glorious! You must be in seventh heaven gazing upon such beauty. I would be :) And boy, is Ruby photogenic! You've taken some truly beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing the beauty :)

Anonymous said...

I take it you bought this one, and did not get it from bro, right? It is STUNNING! Too glorious to be from a freebie!


em said...

kerri, thanks! i am happy!

sis, i purchased ruby from broken arrow nursery in hamden, ct. i think you couldn't make it that time. however, please note bro has given me some glorious plants! thanks for the comment!