Sunday, April 05, 2009


early blooming magnolias are a risky investment here; blooming in april can mean frost burnt flowers.  here m. ruby prepares for her upcoming show...
m. leonard messel just opened yesterday. the afternoon sun highlights the petals' outer color.
m. ruby again, this bud has not been bleached by the sun, like the one at top.  ruby is the reddest magnolia that will survive in zone 6.
m. leonard messel again.
potager update: hubs is installing a gate in the deer fencing.


Kerri said...

Those magnolias are an absolute dream. Wish we had some in our garden. I hope the frost doesn't ruin them.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

They are well worth the risk in my book. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sis!

em said...

hi kerri, tonight is going to be really cold, so i'll see tomorrow morning if they get frost bit! thanks for the comment!

YE, thanks for the comment, and yes, magnolias are my favorite tree and always worth the risk!

sis, happy easter to you too!