Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Last Sunday, my husband spotted a fox entering our fenced backyard, where the chickens were free-ranging. We ran out the door yelling and scared the fox away. Star, everyone's favorite friendly chicken, below, was lying on the lawn like she had given up. I scooped her up, and could see she was bleeding from some small bites on her foot. I cleaned the bites, kept her in the house overnight, and she lived to tell the tale! (We are now planning a safer chicken run such that the poodles can police the perimeter. BTW, the dogs also want to eat the chickens.)

Oh, yes... we got chickens. I have six... we chased the remaining chickens into the coop, though it took us a while to find Charlotte! All accounted for!

From left to right, the Wyandottes are Star, Buttercup and Willow; the ISA Browns are (I think) Charlotte, Flo and Ginger. Unfortunately, Buttercup and Willow have turned out to be roosters, and will be leaving tomorrow for a friend's farm.

My husband assembled this coop we bought online. It's not perfect, but it's ok for now. I have made a do-it-yourself feeder that is spill proof, and a waterer (blue jug, below) both of which only need refilling once a week.

You can see the feeder, which is made from 3" PVC pipe.

Star before we moved the chickens outside. Star is the only chicken that doesn't mind being picked up (too much.)

Star with her namesake splotch on top of her head.

Ginger when she was just a puff ball.

Buttercup was (IMO) the cutest chick.


Been so long since I posted, but I've some time off work, so...
Recently, we found out that Colton can jump up onto the countertop!

This photo was taken last winter by our dogwalker at Sugar Pond, and then a "dream" effect was added...

Christmas 2015

Roxie loves the snow

Roxie and Colton are quite attached to each other...