Monday, July 22, 2013


here's the stag which figured out how to wriggle under my front garden deer fence and ate all my hostas before we could fix it... my daughter saw him within our fence at 2am... looks like he is a 6 pointer or more...

we put higher fences to keep the poodle in, and the result is actual day lilies blooming!

my husband took this clethra with the telephoto, since we were trying to photograph hummingbirds, but the light was nice

male and female gold finches enjoying marguerite daisy and sage seeds

Sunday, July 07, 2013


july is a great time for flowers, even in the hot weather...
i planted this clematis 3 years ago and forgot about it... suddenly it is blooming; what color! anyone know its name?

hydrangea 'blue wave' took a beating when our retaining wall fell 2 years ago, but has revived...

tiny bee on a small marigold flower....

echinacea 'sundown', always dependable

i have never used my arisaema candidissimum as a cut flower before, but it lasts a week in a vase!

evergreen magnolia - this flower is dinner plate-sized...

good old rose 'heritage', cabbage-y and prolific


the garden is both productive and beautiful in july...
squash and blossoms for dinner

the proverbial "salad days" are upon us

nasturtium 'alaska'

it's lovely to enter the potager to select dinner produce

the sugar snaps stand at attention, waiting to be picked

i'm letting the potager go wild this year... not pruning the tomatoes... let's see what happens