Sunday, March 21, 2010


things are actually blooming. magnolia 'leonard messel'dwarf iris
harry lauder walking stick

tree peony
dwarf daffs
for the curious, here is the potager at an awkward stage...
and a bird to mock the fool...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


today, we drove around so i could take photos of the remarkable damage from our latest storm. 2000 of the 8000 town residents do not have power, even more than in the last snow storm. we have power, but lost two old attic windows. schools are closed tomorrow, as so many streets are still closed due to downed power lines.

i thought i'd start out on a happy note... someone in town has replaced the school tax protest signs with signs that read "happy," "sparkle" (in the background of this photo) and "you." moments after i shot this, the "happy" sign disappeared.flooding near some unfortunate's home.
the cemetery featured the most dramatic damage... i suppose the large, open area allowed for tremendous gusts...
toppling headstones...
felling sick trees,
and seemingly well trees.

i couldn't resist taking this japanese maple, though it had no new damage. the trunk looks like a person trying to run away.
on the way home i managed to freeze this doe in the middle of a street.


i started gf in february, 2006, and this is my 600th post!
we had a devastating rain/windstorm yesterday, but this time we didn't lose our power. hammamelis "diana" soldiers on.
crocus refusing to open today...
i started seedlings. i'm trying gardener's supply aps system. i use my own lights and heat lamp (not shown.) the tomatoes and nicotania are up already.
yesterday was so dull, i made seed mats. i made a paste with flour and water, and used one-ply of paper towel. i tried different spacings, and hope to plant these, weather permitting, today.
today's visitor.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


after a long day watching me work in the garden, luna rests...
i wasn't the only one working; i saw two bees...
the snowdrops are blooming, including a straggler...
the potager today... i think i will plant the spinach next weekend.
today i also began flower & tomato seedlings, cut back the buddeleia & lespedeza, rescued small conifers from the snow, and swept tulip tree seeds out of the potager.