Sunday, March 07, 2010


after a long day watching me work in the garden, luna rests...
i wasn't the only one working; i saw two bees...
the snowdrops are blooming, including a straggler...
the potager today... i think i will plant the spinach next weekend.
today i also began flower & tomato seedlings, cut back the buddeleia & lespedeza, rescued small conifers from the snow, and swept tulip tree seeds out of the potager.


Sophie Munns said...

It is so wonderful to see you have been able to return to the potager Em!
Love the photos - Luna looks content. The next 2 look miraculous...something alive and the sunshine ... it was actually a shock to see the final image with the potager still part covered in snow! From that angle it looks like nothing is alive!
This must have been quite depressing at long exactly since you have spent time in the potager Em?
I have left a suggestion re the beautiful butterfly dream image...and responses to all your lovely comments.
The earth is thawing...spring is coming Em!

miss m said...

Oh, wow ! You're almost there. Lovely !

Connie said...

Lovely sight, those early flowers!
I just checked on my spinach today , planted about 3 weeks ago, and it is UP...Yay!

em said...

s... thanks for the kind comments! i guess it's usually 4 months will little to no gardening around here. today i planted peas, lettuce and carrots, though.

miss m, yes, we are almost there!

connie, i'll run on over to visit and see! thanks for the comment!

Kerri said...

What a beautiful picture of Luna. Watching you work obviously wore her out :)
Isn't it wonderful to see the little bulbs and the bees again?
I meant to comment on that lovely shot of the crocuses covered in raindrops and also the mourning dove...both beautiful pics.
Lucky you to be planting in the potager already. Our soil is still too cold and wet.