Sunday, March 14, 2010


today, we drove around so i could take photos of the remarkable damage from our latest storm. 2000 of the 8000 town residents do not have power, even more than in the last snow storm. we have power, but lost two old attic windows. schools are closed tomorrow, as so many streets are still closed due to downed power lines.

i thought i'd start out on a happy note... someone in town has replaced the school tax protest signs with signs that read "happy," "sparkle" (in the background of this photo) and "you." moments after i shot this, the "happy" sign disappeared.flooding near some unfortunate's home.
the cemetery featured the most dramatic damage... i suppose the large, open area allowed for tremendous gusts...
toppling headstones...
felling sick trees,
and seemingly well trees.

i couldn't resist taking this japanese maple, though it had no new damage. the trunk looks like a person trying to run away.
on the way home i managed to freeze this doe in the middle of a street.


miss m said...

* gasp * I caught a glimpse on the news but your pics are more compelling than any I've seen on telly. Thank goodness damage to your house is relatively minor compared to what 'could have been'.

The jap maple is uncanny. That's exactly what it looks like !

Sophie Munns said...

Whats going on Em?
you seem to be getting all the wayward weather in the US homing in on your town... for months!
I'm terribly pleased and almost surprised you are still all in one piece...!
Love the happy sign, even if it didn;t last long!
Well, you have put in an impressive 4 years to this blog...glad to see nothing is stopping you from continuing!

Wicked Gardener said...

LOL - I totally see the maple tree man running away! Like the Happy sign too.

Kerri said...

Goodness, that must've been a monster wind! Your shots really tell the tale. There'll be lots of firewood after the big cleanup.
Love the shot of the escaping maple tree man :)
Great freeze of the doe too. We've been seeing a lot up here lately. They're constantly crossing the road and are a real nuisance. It's hard to avoid them sometimes on the straight stretch of road we live on.

em said...

miss m, always here first! i so appreciate your visits! after i shot these, i saw even larger trees down. egads. i think the maple is the spookiest photo i've ever taken. thanks for the visit!

sophie, not snow, rain or dead of night stops the blogger from her rounds (in her warm office.) thanks for the visit.

wicked, nice to see you again!

kerri, glad you didn't get this storm, very frightening to hear the wind roar. many people are keeping the firewood, but much will be mulched. thanks for the comments!