Sunday, March 21, 2010


things are actually blooming. magnolia 'leonard messel'dwarf iris
harry lauder walking stick

tree peony
dwarf daffs
for the curious, here is the potager at an awkward stage...
and a bird to mock the fool...


sophie munns said...

Em.... its all happening SO quickly!

I cannot believe that a few short weeks ago you were in gloom and under snow and looking like winter would never end. This is like magic...utterly incredible and beautiful and so full of promise. i bet you mood has shifted each time a bud opens and smiles at you!

I just went back and looked - 28th feb your snowicane hit...and look where things are today.

Just showed Olivia , my mum and we oohed and aahhed over the new life in your wonderful garden!

Love the walking stick lolling around that branch - fab photo! I shall enjoy watching the potager coming back to life.. I've even missed it from afar Em! So I dont know what you did without it.

Thanks for your lovely Sunday visit down-under... your comments bring cheer. Your so modest Em ...I'd follow blogger tradition and link the garden fool post on Paradis Express on the sidebar.... it was so nicely put together.

Have a great week,

LOVE the new header image!

miss m said...

I'm so bedazzled, all I can say is BEAUTIFUL !

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hello Em. I just love the design of your potager. You have so many beautiful blooms happening now too. The Walking stick has fantastic foliage now. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Kerri said...

Oh, Oh and Oh! I'm sighing at each beautiful photo.
It's a small miracle, isn't it?
My first crocus blooms opened yesterday. Joy!
I'm coveting your glorious magnolia...again.
And other things too. You have a beautiful garden.
Is that a catbird? Lovely pic.
It's drizzly here today and chilly again.
Happy happy spring, Em :)

Anonymous said...

You have so many beautiful things blooming! My snowdrops did come up, because the dogs were kenneled while we were in Rome.

Gloria said...

Hi Em,

So pleased to have discovered your lovely blog via Sophie Munn's blog! I spent a long while looking through past posts last night and came back to see more tonight. Beautiful photos (well....that's obvious) and I really enjoy your narrative. Thanks very much!

em said...

sophie, yup, i'm happier, no doubt! i'm disappointed that the garden as a whole does not look good, so i'm left with close ups of flowers. i like doing them more anyhow. yes, i intend to link to the paradis post... but i have been really busy... thanks for the visit!

miss m, i can't wait to see the beautiful in your garden! thanks!

lona, thanks! the potager makes my life so easy, most anything looks good in there! thanks for the visit!

kerri, happy easter! i think it's a mockingbird, from looking at my peterson's guide. what do you think? yes, isn't spring the best!?! thanks for stopping by!

anon, thanks!

gloria, thanks for the long visit, it did wonders for my stats! i will return the favor!