Sunday, April 04, 2010


happy easter from us and our whippet!apricots are blooming in the potager, but only one tree has bloomed, so we will not have fruit this year. the smell of these flowers is almost worth it alone!
curly larch leaves emerge...
the jeffersonia my brother gave me years ago continues to hang on...
same pieris as in the banner...
dwarf peach blossom in the potager...
daffodil 'tahiti'...
magnolia 'ruby' is quite red this year, as there has not been so much sun to fade it until the last few gorgeous days
the potager today. we added compost, so it's ready to plant! i can start adding more tender things in another two weeks or so... happy easter!


sophie munns said...

Dear Em,

Firstly I must say the header is stunning. Pieris is unfamiliar to me. I love the exact view you have shot so that what we see is partly branches and then the star form holding round white forms. The varigated pink/orange/carmine colour is beautifull set off by both white and green peering through.
Quite exquisite!

Love your easter messenger - very cute and dignified!

The branch with larch leaves is a great shot! I imagine the effect of walking around the garden seeing what looked virtually dead after winter now producing all these signs of what's to come indeeed uplifting!

I need you and your great camera expertise on site with me at the gardens during the residency this year... a thought which could cross your mind if you have noticed the limitations of my humble camera!
Still, focusing on seeds ...fine with drawings!
Enjow the last little bit of this lovely easter break,
Do tell if you make the autumnal pudding!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Wherever you live, its very beautiful there.
Loved the shot of the tree running away.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

HI Em. I love your Ruby Magnolia. Just gorgeous. The shape of the blooms on the pieris are so interesting.So many things coming into bloom now.Thank goodness.What a cute puppy with its bow.LOL!

Kerri said...

Oh, what a sweet, soulful look on your Luna, looking very pretty in her Easter bow :)
Each little discovery in the spring garden is a treasure, don't you think?
Wish I could smell those beautiful apricot blossoms.
I crave a magnolia each time I see your glorious blooms but haven't found an affordable one yet.
The pieris is so delicately beautiful.
Soon you'll be having fun in the potager!
Hope you had a happy Easter, Em! Yes, the weather was wonderful!! :)

em said...

sophie, thanks for the long comment! i know i owe you a visit, but last weekend was a wash with planting. i'd love to help you take photos! that'd be fun... if only we didn't live so many miles apart!

julie, thanks!

hhg, yes, thank goodness it's spring, and thanks for visiting!

kerri, thanks for visiting! there's a nursery not far from me that's affordable and has plenty of magnolias, but alas, it is far from you. thanks for the visit!