Sunday, March 14, 2010


i started gf in february, 2006, and this is my 600th post!
we had a devastating rain/windstorm yesterday, but this time we didn't lose our power. hammamelis "diana" soldiers on.
crocus refusing to open today...
i started seedlings. i'm trying gardener's supply aps system. i use my own lights and heat lamp (not shown.) the tomatoes and nicotania are up already.
yesterday was so dull, i made seed mats. i made a paste with flour and water, and used one-ply of paper towel. i tried different spacings, and hope to plant these, weather permitting, today.
today's visitor.


miss m said...

First and foremost, happy blogiversary ! 4 years is quite an achievement. I figure 2 seasons will be plenty for me.

I haven't tried seed mats yet. I like your flour and water paste (some ppl use elmer's glue ... yuk ? ) Your seedlings seem off to a great start !

Magnificent dove shot !

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Happy Blogiversary! I use those seeding trays and they are wonderful. It is fun to get growing again.

Jim Nolan said...

Congrats on 600 posts. Incredible.

Sophie Munns said...

Happy Blogiversary Em!
Thats well worth celebrating I must say.
I treasure a visit to your blogworld so I wish you many more happy returns.
Interesting things happening again...seedlings on the way...gorgeous images of plants ....and the dove!

happy week (she says post storm!)

Connie said...

Happy Blog anniversary! My forth is coming up soon....or is it he fifth? Hmmmm.....

Kerri said...

Happy 4th blogiversary! Time sure flies when you're having fun :)
Seems like seed mats would be a neat way to plant tiny seeds. I haven't tried it yet. What seeds are you planting?
Your Diana is so beautiful!
I've been starting seeds inside too. I tidied and pruned outside in the warm sunshine for a couple of hours yesterday. Feels good to be gardening again, doesn't it?
Happy first day of spring, Em!

em said...

miss m, you never know, this blogging is habit forming! let's see if the seed mats yield plants. thanks for the compliment!

HHG, trays are good so far, but no way to heat from the bottom. hm. thanks for visiting!

jim, how the time flies!

sophie, thank you for all the very kind comments!

connie, i know how that confusion goes! i had to check it twice to be sure. thanks for stopping by!

kerri, ah, my loyal friend! those seeds were lettuces and carrots, which i hate to thin. so let's see if it works. say, this weekend was a gem also, yes? we'll have a cool week, but that's ok now that the cool weather seeds are in!