Sunday, October 25, 2009


time to continue the clean up, harvest and bulb planting! i'm planning the center bed a hot palette of yellow, orange and red, with a bit of purple here and there, based on dutch designer jasper van der zon's mixed design at keukenhof ("one to watch," march 2009, garden design, p18.)first, the harvest... here's all the fordhook acorn squash from 4 plants, except one with which i made a soup about a month ago. we're going to try another tonight to see if they have sweetened up. the clothespin gives scale.
here are the carrots i harvested last week. i've still got more out there, but i'm not sure if they'll mature.
putting my back into it. i excavated the top 2-3 inches of soil so that it would be easier to place and dig in the bulbs.
luna watched me (previous photo and this courtesy of hubs.)
i'm planting tulips, daffodils, crown imperial fritillaria, muscari macrocarpum (yellow!) and lachenalia aloides pearsonii. i was disappointed to see some of the bulbs (all of the fritillaria) had mold. i hope they come up. here you can see the daffs placed, and the dogs beginning to wonder where i went. get your gf butt down here and plant those bulbs!
and here it is all finished. i've also removed the beans and all the curcurbits. i swept, but i don't intend to do that too much more this year!


sophie munns said...

Looks like a weekend of hard work Em!
Good on you. The harvest looks great, especially the carrots.
Will look forward to see the next stage for the potager.

Sophie Munns said...

The artist is one of blessed souls, indeed handsome Em, who has worked hard in a very focused way for a long period - with a globe-spanning lifestyle, studios in 2 continents, paintings selling for up to $125,000 last noted...and no collector ever wanting to let go of his work and resell. Confession...I did read of him first in Vanity Fair 5 years ago I think!
No doubt he has a following.
Vanities aside, I do think his work is quite wonderful, as you also remarked!
Hope you dont mind me popping this little tidbit into your inspiring garden realm Em!

miss m (InfG) said...

That Luna is such a doll !
Your carrots and squash look great. The center bed is really gonna pop in that hot palette. Lovely selection of bulbs.
Will you look at that clump of nasturtiums ! Still so many blooms in the potager. Amazing.

Fabulous clean-up, em. Looks like the weather cooperated. The light is just lovely. (Morning?)

Ilona said...

I love your potager! Now that is what a kitchen garden should look like :)

Connie said...

Your garden looks good in all seasons, thanks to your clever design. Bulbs are always a special spring treat!

Zach said...

OMG, your garden is so cute. I am going to expand my backyard garden and hopefully it will look as beautiful as yours!

Kerri said...

That's an interesting collection of bulbs you've planted. I googled the yellow muscari and it's really pretty! Also the Cape Cowslip and wow! It's gorgeous! I hope your fritillarias make it.
gf butt must stand for Garden Fool butt, right? Great fat butt just doesn't fit you at all :)
You got a good work out on this day. I still have bulbs to plant. Need more sunshine!
Lovely veggies. No squash for us this year. Well, 2 butternuts is all we got out of so many hills planted. Too wet!
Luna is gorgeous. Your hubs did a great job with both pics :)

em said...

sophie, thanks... the next stage will be snow, and perhaps some holiday lighting! i can't wait too! thanks also for the comment on the artist, i'm sure to see it here.

miss m, thanks for the very generous comments! i took photos throughout the day. that indirect light with a light overcast is truly wonderful to photograph. thanks again.

ilona, thanks, i'll be by to visit your blog!

connie, ah, the genius is in copying things you like!

zach, thanks! i'm pretty happy with it!

kerri, you completely crack me up! yes, gf = garden fool. or geriatric fool. i too have more bulbs to plant, but i hurt my elbow and am waiting until it's better. thanks for all the comments!