Sunday, October 04, 2009


heavy lifting in the potager this weekend! i swapped the larger dwarf alberta spruces for smaller ones in the center. it's been my plan to have the potager accented by smaller conical plants that echo the trellis shape. you can see that i put the larger spruces in brick-colored square (unfortunately plastic) planters at the end of the paths. it will look really cool in the snow, i promise! i also cleaned up a bit. The potager is still producing carrots, beets, kale, beans and herbs. i hope to have sugar snap peas by the end of this month.for miss m, here are the pumpkins and squash i bought at the local fancy nursery. i like the cinderella pumpkin at the bottom and the pink one hiding in the back. i really like them all!
and, after 2 years of searching, i finally found a dwarf picea orientalis that was small enough to be affordable. hey, it may not look like much now, but check back in 10 years!


miss m (InfG) said...

Your potager is looking fine as ever and still producing, fantastic !
Thx so much for the pumpkin display. They're all so lovely ! Do I spot a dinosaur gourd in there ? and that PINK pumpkin is just out of this world !
Thx em. :D

Connie said...

Everything still looks so good! My garden was getting so dry and then we had an early frost, so it is pretty much over.
Love the pumpkins....think I am partial to the pink one also, but that orange/green mottled one is cool, too.

Kerri said...

A pink pumpkin...fancy that! I love all of them, but that one's my favorite!
My hubby planted lots but most didn't come. We do have some Fairytale pumpkins which look like your Cinderella, and some of a small yellow decorative variety.
You're still getting quite an array of veggies from the potager. How nice!
Glad you found the dwarf picea orientalis. Hope it grows fast for you :)
Our weather is really nasty today...heavy rain this morning, and lighter throughout the day, plus very strong winds. I'm surprised we still have electricity (knock on wood). Hope it's better down there.
About the cats on the fence: if I wanted them to pose that way they wouldn't. It was just a lucky shot :)

Susan Buret said...

Oh this is such a beautiful blog and inspirational too as we are just starting our vege garden.

em said...

miss m, thanks for the comment! i've been trying to find seed for pink pumpkins, but no luck so far. I'm not sure what the green gourd is, either.

connie, we should have frost by halloween. i like the green/orange pumpkin too. it will be hard to decide which to grow next year.

kerri, your weather always sounds just like our weather - except colder! how convenient the cats lined up! thanks for visiting, as always!

susan, thanks for the visit and comment! i hope we get to see how your veg grows!