Sunday, November 01, 2009


happy day after halloween! while getting the paper this morning, i spied this maple leaf clinging to the white pumpkin like a starfish... or maybe my canadian friends and relatives will recognize this serendipitous national symbol...hubs and i decided to make patterns in the pumpkins this year, rather than faces. we used a drill on the white pumpkin. it was all very last minute... maybe next year we'll try harder. btw, the seeds from the white pumpkin are great eating. i'm going to make a soup from the sugar pumpkin tonight.
the fall colors in our area are intense this year. i've been getting up early to an orange-y light showing off the leaves, which i've tried to capture, below, in the entrance to the potager... (from l to r, big-leaved magnolia, amsonia, grasses, liriope and volunteer crape myrtle.)
part of the uncontrollable north garden. (l to r, willow, enkianthus, dwarf oak-leaf hydrangea, japanese maple sangu kaku, amsonia, buddeleia 'ellen's blue')
looking east in the south garden, with the asian square garden in the background (l to r, crepe myrtle, southern magnolia, witch hazel 'diane', japanese blood grass, baptisia austrailas)
another look at witch hazel 'diane', with luna. the horrible green fencing protects a young camelia from the deer. the asian square garden is at left.
the potager, with the entrance garden glowing at left. yesterday we had herbs, lettuce and kale from the garden. though i have had to remove cabbage caterpillars by hand, the broccoli is getting there.


miss m (InfG) said...

The carvings are lovely ! I admire the untraditional approach. (DON'T try harder next year). But where's the night shot, em ? :D

My fall garden is long gone, yours is looking great !

Happy Day After !

em said...

miss m, thanks for the comment! ah, the night shot. here's my excuse: it was raining and i just didn't do it. i'm happy i live in zone 6b, and not farther north! happy day after to you as well...

Kerri said...

Can you imagine kids trick or treating in that nasty weather last night? Well, maybe yours was better than ours. It was pouring rain here and windy as all get out. Very spooky!
Love your nontraditional pumpkins. How innovative! Next year: Night shots! Miss M is right! :)
I always admire your selection of many interesting things.
Morning light is gorgeous, isn't it? You've caught it well. The amsonia really glows!
Love that leaf on the white pumpkin.
Yes, happy day after :)
November already....egads, it's too soon!

Sophie Munns said...

Such dramatic seasons you have! lovely Em. We dont see the leaves changing colour here. Observent people will no doubt have a very, very good eye for what is changing through the year...but it is certaibly not like you remarkable seasons.

In the very north of Australia the indigenous people acute understandings of the environemnt and there are said to be at leat 7 seasonsin a year...and this is probably not accurate...maybe its more?

love the halloween preparations!

em said...

kerri, yup, i didn't see too many costumes with all the raincoats and umbrellas. thanks for all the very kind comments... soon i'll be putting up the holiday lights!

sophie, wow, seven seasons! our four are nice, but i like living places where is it like paradise every day!