Sunday, March 02, 2008


where in the world is garden fool? that question is answered as part of the garden bloggers' geography project, begun by jodi of bloomingwriter. what a great idea, jodi!gf's approximate location is shown on this historic 19th century map of new york city with a 30 mile radius... gf is just north of the city in usda zone 6b near the mighty hudson. our river town has a complicated revolutionary war history, which is re-enacted every 5 years or so. our town has emerged from its industrial beginnings to become mostly a commuter town of about 8000 people. located on the eastern seaboard, new york city is famous world-wide, and can be seen from a river promontory in our town, below. from this spot you can see the george washington bridge and the tall, pointy building in the far distance, which is the empire state building. town residents were able to see the twin towers burning from this spot on 9/11/2001 (there is a memorial, but too depressing to post.) of course, new york city is also famous for times square, the statue of liberty, rockefeller center and other sites too numerous to name. but closer to gf are some incredible gardens to visit, including my favorite, wave hill. wave hill is a 28 acre public garden in the bronx, with views of the hudson river, and has my favorite alpine tufa collection, as well as incredible gardens of many types.
more famous than wave hill is the new york botanical garden, also in the bronx, which is now holding its orchid show. i like the extensive green houses and beautiful trees. both are worth a visit!thanks for reading about gf's location!


jodi said...

Hi em: Glad you joined in the fun...your link is incorrect though, because your address is I can't correct your comment, but I did put the correct link up in the "Who has done their homework?" column that heads the lefthand column on bloomingwriter. Mondays, can't trust them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

Thanks, yes Monday is a problem! Oh well.


Jenn said...

Hi, this is a small and gentle crit of your page layout.

Your text is VERY small and hard for old eyes to read.

Something to think about, that's all.

Good to have you in gardening world with the rest of us!

em said...

Yes, i noticed that a little while ago, i think it used to be bigger. i'll make it bigger now.