Saturday, March 22, 2008


usually easter is later in the year, so that's my excuse for this scan of may flowers.i have been busy in the garden cleaning up and spraying against the deer; they ate all my crocus flowers.


Kerri said...

That's a beautiful photo!
Too bad about your crocuses. Those darn deer! I hope they stay away now that you've sprayed.
Happy Easter to you too.

May said...

beautiful photos, thanks

em said...

thanks kerri and may for your comments! i have so much fun making these scans!

cindee said...

I see you have a deer problem. Have you tried turning a radio on at night tuned into a talk radio station? They don't seem to like that. It worked for me so I thought I would share that info with you(-: Good luck.(-:

em said...

cindi, thanks for the comment! how loud does the radio need to be?

i live in a fairly dense area, and my neighbors would keel haul me if i left a radio on at outside at night. also, the deer are practically rubbing elbows with the humans here. the deer will be munching grass in the oval while folks are running on the track! so i think they are a bit used to human voices. but thanks for the comment, because the deer are really a problem.