Wednesday, April 23, 2008


this is my favorite garden with variegated solomon's seal, epimediums, vancouveria, maiden hair fern, nectaroscordium, hostas, brunnera, and more. you may want to click on the picture to enlarge and see detail.


Kerri said...

I did enlarge the photo. It's a beautiful garden and I can't wait to see all the flowers blooming. You have such a nice collection of flowers in it and I love the path.
I thought my brunnera hadn't made it through the winter, but I'm happy to see that it's alive and well. And my hellebore is alive too. Yay!

em said...

thanks for the comment! this garden does not have showy blooms for the most part, it just has ferny textures and such. my mother prefers the little asian square garden i have, but i will post it when it gets leafier. glad your brunnera made it, they are expensive to replace!