Wednesday, April 23, 2008


this fella must have mixed it up with the mike tyson of squirrels


cindee said...

Oh that is really a cute picture. Look at his face(-: He is saying...geezzzz don't I look cute!!!!(-: I love squirrels(-:

Kerri said...

I called my hubby to see this photo and your comment and We both had a very good laugh :)
He looks like he can hold his own in a tussle. We've been seeing our little red squirrel occasionally, but not for about a week now. I was surprised that he hadn't disappeared with the snow. Speaking of which..we saw flakes in the air on and off yesterday.

em said...

cindee, thanks! yes i have come to really enjoy the squirrels' antics. another one of them here has a frost-bitten ear. i'll try to get a pic of that one too!

kerri, thanks! yes, this bitten eared squirrel looks to be a dominant one around here. i'd like to see a picture of your red squirrel. is he like the english red squirrels?

sorry it's cold again there!