Sunday, April 27, 2008


omphalodes, one of my favorite woodland flowers, is about the diameter of a pencil eraser the flowering almond is unusually vivid this year i was excited to see this daff back-lit by the sun
columbine are just openingeveryone must have bleeding hearts! here they dangle in front of variegated solomon's seal.


Kerri said...

I love the little Omphalodes and am enjoying seeing your unusual woodland blooms. You're right..everyone should have Bleeding Hearts! Mine are just beginning to bloom. The Columbine are not ready to show their pretty faces quite yet. I need to find some solomon's Seal!
We're still enjoying the daffs, but some are beginning to fade now. The frost is bowing them over this morning...and the tulips too.

em said...

kerri, thanks. my brother gave me the solomon's seal, i think i have 3 varieties. stop by and i'll dig some up for ya!