Friday, April 11, 2008


magnolia 'leonard messel' is blooming a bit sparsely this yeari've found 3 praying mantis egg cases in the garden, this one on a budding almond
bought a pieris japonica 'dorothy wycoff' for the front yard


Jane Marie said...

The magnolia is fantastic, sparse or not.

Anonymous said...

Are you worried that the deer will like your new shrub?


Nancy J. Bond said...

I've seen so many different magnolia blooms while strolling through the gardens here at Blotanical -- they're all beautiful.

chey said...

Beautiful pinks! I really like your magnolia bloom as well. Does it have a fragrance?

em said...

jane marie, thanks for the comment. it's a great magnolia, and it stays small (10-15') so can fit most anywhere.

sis, thanks for the comment. the deer don't eat the pieris here.

nancy, i'm going to have to take the time to look around more! my daybreak has many buds for the 1st time, and i'm excited about that one. thanks.

chey, wait until ruby blooms! it has the darkest pink (almost red) flower that will survive here. leonard messell does not have a fragrance. thanks for the comment.