Sunday, April 27, 2008


yet another post about epimediums! but here i make my plea that someone buy their mother one of these wonderful plants for the shade garden. if my hubs is reading, i would like 'bandit' from darrell probst.

this one is crimson queen... the flowers are more than an inch acrosshere is a small white one, with an oak leaf for scaleanother white one, wish i had the name of ita common red epimedium, which, in addition to the dime-sized red flowers, has red edging on the new foliage, which is so pretty en masse


Titania said...

Your dainty wildflowers are very pretty and absolutely unknown to me. It is rewarding to see something unusal (for me) and beautiful. thank you.

Kerri said...

Oh, they're well deserving of as many posts as you want to dedicate to them! :) Beautiful, delicate flowers Em. The red edging on the leaves really adds to the beauty of the red one.
I hope your hubs gets the message about 'Bandit' :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

They are lovely, I like Crimson Queen very much. I hope your hubby got the hint. ;-)

em said...

titania, thanks for the comment! i checked out your blog, and most of the plants you grow can only be grown indoors here! your garden is very pretty. i envy the tropics!

kerry, thanks. i don't think my hubs looks at my blog very often. oh, well, i posted so others might benefit. :-)

YE, thanks! Do folks grow epimediums in NE? they are a wonderful plant.