Sunday, June 29, 2008


arisaema gives a bronx cheer to honor june and baseball (yeah, right)
clematis roguchi puts on an elegant susans volunteer cheer in my garden...roguchi's less staid clematis cousins tumble and shout over the fence


Kerri said...

You have some impressive blooms. The clematis roguchi is indeed elegant. Gorgeous! I love black-eyed Susans. I have gloriosas blooming gaily now. I love their bright colors.
The less staid cousins are gorgeous too :)
I think the arisaema is thumbing its nose at baseball...maybe at life in general :)

em said...

kerri, thanks so much for being such a prolific commenter! i really appreciate it! i agree with your assessment of the arisaema!

kate smudges said...

I love your arisaema photo. Your clematis roguchi has amazing, delicate-looking blossoms. Whenever I see the words, Bronx Cheer, I'm reminded of the little cushions my son used to hide under or cushion covers...he'd go to the dollar store and buy them. Unsuspecting visitors would get a surprise. It provided endless amusement for him when he was about eight!

em said...

kate, thanks so much for the comment! i never noticed the arisaema looking quite like that before.