Sunday, June 22, 2008


happy summer! in the north eastern us, the transition from spring to summer means that spring flowers fade, but summer flowers are not yet blooming. the garden is filled with promise.
echinacea bud:the silky buds of japanese stewartia:clematis viticella roguchi bud, reddened by the setting sun:delicate color emerging on hydrangeas:


Kerri said...

I just noticed that I saved this post in my bloglines, and couldn't let that Japanese Stewartia photo go without a comment. You captured the silky texture so fantastically! It's outstanding!
All your shots are great. You have a real gift.
We planted Limelight hydrangea last year. It's pretty.
The roguchi is so elegant!

em said...

kerri, thanks so much! your comment makes me speechless!