Friday, June 13, 2008


our unseasonably hot weather is shortening the bloom time of some june flowers... kalmia 'carol' was just opening this week and is finished blooming now.magnolia sieboldii colossus continues to bloom and bloom and bloom with pristine pendulant, beery-smelling flowers.
perennial snapdragons love the hot weather.
nothing stops rose 'heritage!'
these campanula flowers wilted rapidly in the heat.
the heat won't kill this opportunistic grass sprouting from a brick!
variegated bishop weed happily flowering...
this happy pairing is a rose reverted to rootstock and kalmia 'pinwheel.' pinwheel's flowers are brown today, but the rose continues to flourish.
i'll have pictures of the clematis, just flowering, over the weekend!


Kerri said...

Wonderful blooms! That pink rose is simply beautiful.
Your snaps are perennial? I had some self-sow this year which was a happy surprise.
Your red rose is the third I've seen reverted to rootstock tonight. I didn't know they did that.
The magnolias are spectacular, and your brother's 14" blooms are very impressive.
Brothers just love to be one up on us, don't they? :)

em said...

kerri, now that you mention it, i think the snaps are bienniel... more like foxgloves. they come back year after year, and self sow, but are not true to color.

yes, my brother likes to one up me! but he lives a zone north, so usually i win (but let's not let him know.) :-)