Friday, July 04, 2008


the old ford died, and hubs has replaced it with a mini cooper clubman, an inexpensive car that gets great mileage, is easy to park and fits his bicycle.even cute from the back
here it is parked in front of the old water tower


Kerri said...

The new mini is very cute. Love the color!

em said...

thanks, it's really fun to drive, too!

kate smudges said...

Most cool car. It'll be fun driving it. Enjoy!

L said...

how the heck do you carry a bicycle on a mini clubman? And could you carry more than one?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new mini!


em said...

kate, thanks!

l, his bike fits inside the mini - the clubman model is an entire 10" longer than the regular mini. hubs hopes i will let him buy a roof rack in the future. thanks for the comment!

sis, thanks for the comment!!! :-)