Friday, July 04, 2008


caught this doe napping in my yard, saw no fawns, and so unleashed the hounds! here she is about to float over the fence...and here she does just that, with luna at her heels. it's as if that 4 foot fence was not even there!
here she was under the white pines before i let out the dogs.
then, yesterday, i didn't look before letting luna into the yard, and a fawn was there bleating, "ma, ma, ma!" luna chased the fawn, not much larger than herself, and i chased luna (in my robe and slippers.) every time the fawn ran out of running room, it crashed into the fence. finally the fawn leapt over the lowest part of the fence, which is about four feet. amazing. the fawn hurtled back to the woods, and luna finally came to me, with blood trickling down her leg. she has a nice cut from some of the chicken wire fencing i put over the day lilies. i felt so bad for the little fawn. but, i suppose maybe the fawn won't come back to eat my plants - for a while.


kate smudges said...

What a great photograph with Luna chasing the doe. Poor fawn didn't quite know what to do with Luna chasing here. I hope Luna's okay.

em said...

Thanks, Kate! Luna is doing ok!

Kerri said...

I'm imagining this chase scene, with you in your robe and slippers. Poor little fawn, and Luna thinking she was just doing her job :)
Too much drama in the morning :)
Wonderful photos of the doe and Luna. I hope she stays away now.

em said...

Hi Kerri,

I took Luna into the woods today, and she didn't chase the deer at all. Hm.
Thanks for the comment!