Sunday, July 20, 2008


today my husband completed in the 8th annual new york city triathlon, an olympic distance tri. here is his wave about to plunge into the brackish, jelly-fish infested hudson river for a one mile swim. (a 32 year old man died in the swim part of the race today, but no one knows why yet.)here he is returning to the transition area from the 26 mile bike up and down the west side highway. by that time, the temp was about 90 degrees.
and here he is just before the finish line, after a 6.2 mile run. unfortunately, the heat slowed him down in the run, and he finished in 2:31, 11th (of 154) in his age group. he finished 270th out of over 3000 competitors. go hubs! (hey it really was worth getting up at 4am to run around the city in 90 degree heat to get these pictures of you!)

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