Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This is exochorda, or pearl bush; pictured on April 28...and now the bush is spectacularly blooming.


cindee said...

I have never seen one before. Yours is beautiful!!! I love the name too! I do have a string of pearl plant...(-: Its a succulent though.

Jane Marie said...

Never heard of it. It looks great!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I love that flowering shrub, and I've never seen it before either. Thanks. ~~Dee

Kerri said...

It's new to me too. Gorgeous! You certainly have some unusual plants.
I love all your blues, especially the little Veronica.
Sad to see the magnolia blooms go, and such a long wait until they come again.
Your peony is beautiful!

em said...

thanks for the comments, cindee, jane marie, dee and kerri! i get some of my unusual plants mail order from fairweather gardens in new jersey. they specialize in shrubs and magnolias. again, thanks for leaving comments!

Neza said...

Hi, I just found your post on Pearlbush...I have a new post on that plant on my blog today. It's blooming right now here in Minnesota.

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