Sunday, May 18, 2008


back-lit m. sieboldii colossus' pendulous flowers are 3 inches across. this small magnolia reminds me of the lunch-box tree in 'tick-tock of oz,' as the branches are lined with of buds of various sizes.baptisia and columbine are back-lit by a strong morning sun.
enkinanthus flowers drinking in the sun.


Neza said...

The "Cowles Conservatory" is the greenhouse at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Maybe it was built after you were here. There's a fabulous glass fish sculpture inside, along with tall palms.

The Rock and Roll Gardener

em said...

Hi Neza,
The fish was there when i left mpls in 1984, but i missed the conservatory. How lovely!

Kerri said...

More lovelies! Your yard is like a botanic garden!
Wonderful close-ups!
I love to see the plants back-lit by morning and afternoon light, don't you?

em said...

thanks, kerri. i do enjoy collecting, sometimes to the exclusion of things looking right. Oh well. thank goodness morning and evening light are good for pictures, as that's when i can get out!