Tuesday, May 06, 2008


tree peony, had too much fun in the sun, and now wilts like a tired ball gown. i think these flowers are more beautiful in their ruin than their heyday.


Jane Marie said...

They go too fast don't they? Mine haven't started yet. I hope the weather works out for them this year.

Kerri said...

She has beautiful color and form. I don't have any tree peonies, just the regulars, but I love them all. They're growing fast. Won't be long now before we see their beautiful blooms.

em said...

jane marie, yes they go too fast, especially when we have a warm april. i took a picture of the tree peony yesterday and it was covered with blooms.... that will be a later post.

kerri, i have regular peonies too, and i love them all. tree peonies are nice, but it is difficult to buy one and know what it's really going to be unless you see it in bloom. long story on that... thanks for the comment.