Sunday, May 11, 2008


the south side street garden is in peak.... with a gaudy broom,nora barlow columbine that have somehow developed spurs... here is the view from the curb... you can see the pearl bush in the back on the left


Kerri said...

I've seen Camassia on at least 3 other blogs today. I like it! But then, I like most anything that's blue :)
Your curb is looking beautiful. What's the yellow shrub? The pink dogwood in front of your house is spectacular. We have a small one, planted just last year.
The columbine is such a lovely color.
Gorgeous photos!

em said...

Kerri, thanks so much!!!!!! the yellow shrub is a fancy scotch broom. i have a hard time overwintering them, but thankfully this winter was warm, and i had an oleander overwinter!!! thanks again.