Tuesday, May 06, 2008


and what mother would not want to spend the day in her garden?
the tree peony is in the square garden, here is a still-perky bloom the tree peony, with some dissipated blooms and some youthful
the square garden slowly awakens... the tree peony is out of the picture on the left, the japanese maple in the center wants its pruning.
i let strawberry 'lipstick' run rampant in the square garden.


Kerri said...

I'm glad your hubby got Bandit for you :) Sounds like you had a very happy Mother's Day. The little lantern is so sweet.
I adore that tree peony...gorgeous, and the other one is a wonderful color too. Ours are growing fast!
Oh my, that Rhodie is spectacularly frilly. What a beauty!

em said...


thanks so much! i should give you an award for being the most faithful commenter on my blog! I hope your mother's day was great too!

Kerri said...

No awards necessary...your blog is wonderful! I'm constantly amazed by your beautiful photos. Wish I could use my macro lens as well as you use yours!
BTW, I photographed Canary Broom (Genista canariensis) at the BBG. It really caught my eye. What a beautiful shrub!