Monday, May 26, 2008


why are dandelions so beautiful?heavily laden bee heading for rhodi
another safe landing
can you spot the bunny in the north garden?
this tiny bunny is living under our woodpile, much to the dogs ' delight. so far the bun has been munching on tulip tree flowers that are dropping everywhere. but look out, ms. bun, i have my eyes on you! (well, there are plenty of alpine strawberries to go around...)


ileso said...


What a beaut blog. what camera do you shoot with, the colours and details are fantastic

em said...

thank you for a wonderfully kind comment. my camera is only a nikon d50, but my hubs splurged and got me a splendid 60mm af micro nikkor lens which has really changed the way i look at things! i also enhance my images with software, though i do not change the colors. thanks again!

Kerri said...

Why? To attract the bees? Yes, they are beautiful! I just photographed a dandelion seedhead today.
That's a busy bee! Your photos of him are so clear.
What cute little ears your bunny has! I hope he behaves himself and doesn't nibble anything he shouldn't (fat chance) :)

em said...

thanks for the comment. i'm going to use the bee picture for my wallpaper at work!