Sunday, January 31, 2010


the local pond froze quickly last week, yielding a smooth, clear surface.


Anonymous said...

Great photo op ! I especially love the icy circle. Looks like a petri dish. Nice crop.

sophie munns said...

Very atmospheric Em!

And yes.... that icy circle is a most compelling image!

What a contrast to you images form the southern holiday you went on!

Kerri said...

Ice creates some pretty scultures, doesn't it? Your icy circle is beautiful! And I love leaves trapped in ice.
Sunshine and warmth though, that's what I'm longing for! And I'm about ready for green...lots of green! :)

em said...

anon, thanks for the comment! it was an entire circle, but the best bubbles were in the top half.

sophie, thanks! i like how textural the photos are, so it doesn't matter what the subject is.

kerrie, thanks! spring will come... any time now...