Sunday, January 10, 2010


i think this will be my last post about st. john, as i'm out of photos that i like. this shot is of the omnipresent red bugs on st. john, which i think are a type of pyrrhocoridae hemipterans. red bugs were all around the forest edges on the beaches. i love the dramatic pattern they all share.
we hiked up to the annaberg sugar plantation ruins. i read a history of the slave rebellion of 1733 on st. john, which failed, and the slaves were so hellishly executed that i will not repeat their punishments here. i felt so creeped-out by this place, knowing how the slaves were treated, that i took little notice of what the old buildings were, and just shot them.

there is also a grand pirate history on st. john and st. thomas, but i didn't see much to photograph. thanks for joining me on this adventure!


miss m said...

Shameful part of history for sure. I would’ve had a hard time visiting too.
Thx for sharing your wonderful trip, em. :)

Sophie Munns said...

Love those bugs Em... quite amazing!

what a lovely trip you had - of course the historical part is very sobering though!

Big sigh... till another holiday comes up!

Jean Bradbury said...

What a lovely blog. I have enjoyed reading back a few months and think that your photos are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my place.

Marie said...

Great photos!
Those bugs are beautiful :) Do they eat garden plants?

Kerri said...

So you've been galavanting down south! Lucky you!
What a gorgeous place to vacation. That clear blue water and the white beaches look so inviting. I can almost smell the ocean! It's fascinating to see the tropical different from ours. Some of them I grew up with in Australia. We had plumeria/frangipanni in the front yard. I love it!
Those caterpillars are colorful. Aren't pelicans fun to watch?
Love seeing all your photos. Thanks for taking us along :)
Happy New Year, Em!

em said...

miss m, you are welcome! now i just have to put up with one more really dreary month!

sohpie, yes, big sigh! but you are on holiday now, and i can't wait to see your photos!

jean, love your work, thanks for stopping by!

marie, thanks! i don't know, but i didn't see any red bugs on the garden plants, only in the woods, where they seemed to like decay.

kerri, happy belated new year to you too! i just love the tropics and wish i could visit every winter! i would not want to live in the tropics for several reasons, but mostly because it might not seem that special to me if it was there every day. thanks for the comment!