Sunday, January 03, 2010


our favorite place to snorkel on st. john was waterlemon bay. swimming across the channel to waterlemon cay, below, we saw large cushion starfish, sea turtles, remoras, spotted eagle rays, and small rays. once at waterlemon cay, we rested on the sandy spit, and then proceeded swimming around the cay. there we spotted the largest diversity of marine life on the tortola side, where the currents were the most difficult.the .8 mile hike to waterlemon was difficult, because the rocky path was at times submerged during high tide. the launch point was also rocky. we found the more remote the site on st. john, the more there was to see. here's a heron at waterlemon cay.
after swimming to the cay, we rested on the larger beach, where this pelican was fishing only a few feet away from us (however, these were taken w telephoto lens.) here he comes!
right off the beach, the water teems with fish. what a rich paradise! the pelican only had to open his beak to eat.

having frightened away the fish, the pelican flies off to find another spot.


sophie munns said...

Hi Em... are you missing this wonderful place?
It looks quite wonderful and so abundant with life.
The water was I guess quite warm and swimming very pleasant!
Love the new header image!

miss m (InfG) said...

... and lands in your header !

Enjoying these pics immensely ! Please keep 'em coming !

em said...

sophie, yes i miss it still! the water was a perfect temp, 80 degrees F, though the locals find it cool in winter. thanks for the comment!

miss m, thanks so much for the kind comments!