Wednesday, February 10, 2010


we had a great storm today, snow is still falling and we have over a foot! all of us worked from home. and we got out for a little play.
hubs and me skiing on the old croton aqueduct trail ( a friend took the photo)
pretty house on the trail (not my house)
i'm holding up an aqueduct vent with graffiti
the potager... we got much more snow after these photos
harry lauder walking stick


Jeremy Dine said...

Nice to meet you! Great blog- I love the ice pics. I have linked to your blog as well.

miss m said...

The storm missed us. Today was 5C and sunny here. Stuff was happily melting everywhere. :)

Very pretty, though ! Perfect for a ski run. Nice to see Joe Joe ! (it had been a while).

enapaa said...

Your Harry Lauder walking stick looks like ruffles. Beautiful. We have drifts of 3'and 4' feet in the backyard. The arborvitae are so weighed down by snow they look like peeled bananas!

Sophie Munns said...

Fabulous photos Em!

I was wondering of you were away as I haven't noticed things happening at garden Fool of late... as long as all is well...and you certainly must be fine to be out skiing around!
the potager does not look like it ever had a garden growing in it!
Beautiful image of the tree laden with snow Em!

Lynne said...

I love that last photo of the snow caught in the branches. So unusual and pretty. Funny to think of you amidst all that snow. Here in New Zealand we are melting in the heat of our summer. Today was a scorcher and my garden needs watering regularly.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Gorgeous photo's! I love the last one...

em said...

jeremy, it was a beautiful day, thanks for taking our picture and visiting here.

miss m, thanks for the visit! joe joe is doing well, though getting older.

enapaa, i posted another one for you! thanks for the comment!

sophie, i have been here, but just uninspired. i need to get my photo mojo back! thanks for visiting. i'll have to visit your site to get inspired again!

lynne, oh, you can to come visit and experience it for yourself! then you'll be longing for your summer, as we do here. thanks for the wonderful comment!

em said...

dirty girl, thanks for the visit and comment!

Kerri said...

The Harry Lauder is so pretty all snow covered.
The snow makes Jojo's color stand out beautifully. He's such a handsome fellow.
Lucky you to get in some skiing. I need some exercise!
You'll have bulbs blooming in the potager soon. Can't wait!

em said...

kerri, i do keep focusing on the bulbs! can't wait to see yours too!