Sunday, December 20, 2009


cold, camouflaged whippet (viburnum on left, sciadopitys verticillata behind)
sunflower heads, ungainly ornaments
potager - day
potager - night


Susan Buret said...

I am green with envy but I do have lots of tomatoes on the vine.

miss m (InfG) said...

Hey, I thought the news said you guys got almost a foot of snow. I was expecting to see more !
Luna is such a doll. She appears pink next to the snow, did you notice ? I detect a slight quiver in there, too !
The sunflowers look like giant light bulbs and remind me of street lamps. :)

sophie munns said...

Wow Em!
Now I've seen the potager through nearly every possible season, time of day, atmosphere and its always wonderful!
These images are impressive... Love the one of Luna too!
ps looks like santa will be coming down your chimney this appealing!

Kerri said...

Your photos are always such a delight to see! Luna is beautiful in the snow, and those sunflower heads...spectacular! You find the best things to photograph!
Love the lines and shapes of the potager under snow. It's especially lovely at night.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, Em. xoxo

Connie said...

Lights in your clever! It is looking spectacular, as always.

We had a foot of snow 2 weeks before Christmas, and it all came down in 24 hours! Some melted but we had enough left for a white Christmas.

Best Wishes for the New Year!

em said...

susan, i'd trade the snow for tomatoes on the vine any day! i need to move south! thanks for the visit!

miss m, there was quite a bit of snow on long island, not far from here. yes, luna's belly looks pink because she has so little hair there. she's a doll. the sunflowers did look good, but now they're a bit sad... thanks for commenting!

sohpie, thanks... tis christmassy and all that... but too cold! thanks for the comment!

kerri, merry belated christmas and happy new year! thanks for the wonderful comments!

connie, wow, 2 feet of snow! even though we are in the same usda zone, it seems harsher out there to me. thanks for the comment!