Sunday, December 06, 2009


last night we had our first snow, wet with huge conglomerates of flakes... the neighbors behind our house...the potager...
our spruce, which is around 20 feet tall... i was up on the extension ladder trying to fling the lights over the top of the tree with the tree pruning pole. not the smartest thing i've ever done... hubs held the ladder... we survived and the tree got lit.
the potager early this morning... the sugar snap peas are still going strong and i ate one yesterday. we've got some sub-freezing temps on the way, though...


miss m (InfG) said...

Quite a balancing act getting that tree lit ! I'm glad no one got hurt. ( Too bad you didn't kill the flash, sweetie. The death defying glory is barely coming out in that shot ;) )

The potager looks lovely in any kind o' weather ! Happy first snow, em ! :)

sophie munns said...

Wow EM... its like all those northern hemisphere Xmas cards - that house of your neighbours is straight out of old films I've seen!!
Glad you managed to get that tree lit without a slight disaster! Must have needed an eggnog or two after that. Or is that just the movies too!
Xmas here is sometimes almost too hot for food year we closed up all the windows and doors- made the space very dark and ate micro servings of special seafoods and treats at intervals throughout the day whilst lying on the floor watching BBC video's of underwater life in the ocean - all day and night.
That did keep us cool. We felt like we were there with the giant squids and florescent creatures at the bottom of the ocean.
anyway, enough with the reminiscing... so amazing to see the potager now!
I feel like i've travelled somewhere... visiting your garden today!

Susan Buret said...

Very beautiful. Happy Winter.

Connie said...

The snow looks very nice on your potager. We had our first snow, as well, but it was so skimpy I didn't even take photos.

Anonymous said...
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Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Crumbs! You too? It seems that everybody has snow except widdle poor me. Snif!

Love the pics and do be careful on ladders and stuff.

em said...

miss m, i took one without the flash, but with the flash you can see the snow falling and in the tree... which was what i wanted. yes, happy first snow! i've seen some impressive photos out of canada of the snow... i hope to see some from you. hope you are doing well...

sophia, well, the romance of winter here is on hold whilst it's pouring down rain! the sugar snap peas live on! i think i need an eggnog right now! thanks for the great, long comment!

susan, thanks! happy winter to you too!

connie, i look forward to visiting you and seeing your snow shots - when we get some! thanks for the visit!

YE, was just thinking of you today as i hung the one delft ornament that i own! i suppose we'll all get snow soon enough! thanks for the comment!

Kerri said...

I read this post last week but must've done it in Bloglines when I was too tired to comment.
I've had a doozy of a cold. Off work for 2 weeks. Hubby gave me his...nice of him! :) Finally back in the land of the living and getting caught up.
I'm glad you didn't do any damage to yourself while decorating that huge tree...with your hubs aiding and abetting :) It looks great and so does the potager, all decorated and pretty.
That wasp nest is amazing!