Sunday, December 13, 2009


not the best photo i've ever taken, but i'm happy with our tree this year...the leaded window in our dining room is one of the nicest things about our house... this year i put the candle village there (from pottery barn, maybe 5 years ago.) you can see the north garden through the window, the Heritage River birch in the middle, and the winter berries on the right. i was close when i took the photo, so it is distorted.


Marie said...

I love your tree!
Very nice window too :)

sophie munns said...

Xmas trees, lead light windows...and all that snow in images coming from your part of the world...its all so xmassy!
Looks like you had a lot of fun decorating Em! Very cosy indeed and those windows are gorgeous by the way!

Kerri said...

That's a beautiful tree, Em. Nicely shaped and very full. Your decorations look festive and very pretty.
We'll probably have another "Charlie Brown" tree, as our daughters call them. We planted a large number of Christmas trees back in 2000 and have had our own for a few years now. They're not great, but they're homegrown :)
I love your window!!! And the little candle village is sweet.
We had horrible, frigid weather last week! It's been much better the past couple of days.

miss m (InfG) said...

Your house looks great em, tree and all ! Love the herring bone pattern floor as well !

em said...

marie, thank you for the kind comments!

sohpie, more xmassy for you! we didn't get too much snow, but enough for x country skiing today! thanks for the visit!

kerri, how nice to hear from you! i'll have to visit and see how much snow you might've gotten today... i like the idea of homegrown trees! can't wait to see it!

miss m, the house is almost 100 years old, and the oak floors are original, if worn. good eye, to catch that detail. thanks for the comments, i'll visit soon!