Saturday, December 05, 2009


i found this paper wasp nest in the driveway this week...


miss m (InfG) said...

I don't think wasps realize how talented they are. Their nests are always stunning !

Hey, em, I've been meaning to ask - that time you answered back in french, were you winging it or do you possess some knowledge of the language ? Your spelling was spot on.

sophie munns said...

Extraordinary image Em.
so much colour to be found just outside your door. Who needs galleries when you have this?

Connie said...

I found a perfect wasp nest last fall, and I forgot to harvest it. This reminds me to check and see if it is still there. I am sure it is battered by the weather by now.

em said...

miss m, yes, i was surprised by the mix of alternating colors in this nest, it's the prettiest one i've ever found. "learned" french in high school, now use google translator as a crutch... thanks for commenting!

sophie, thanks! i have this next sitting on my desk, what do i do with it now?

connie, i found this one blowing around with the leaves, they are so tough. thanks for commenting!

sophie munns said...

Bloody good question Em!
Is it too fragile to be mounted on the case?
how big is it?
ps in OZ we use the b word instead of GEEZ or GOSH or I dont know what you guys say...hope it is not offensive!

ps wrd verification for the day: undies - does that mean the same as it does here?

em said...

sophie, undies = underwear. right?

i was hoping my dau would use the nest in one of her projects, but no dice yet. thanks for the visit!