Friday, September 04, 2009


my sister's passiflora 'blue eyed susan,' a gift from our brother, bloomed this week (her photos):
and she has it in such a cute pot!


Connie said...

Such a lovely intricate flower!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using them!


Kerri said...

Amazing flowers, aren't they? I've wondered if the passionfruit vine that grows the fruit I used to eat in Australia is the same plant, or whether this is an ornamental version. I should research that.

em said...

connie, thanks! sis got the plant from our brother, who bought it at logees.

sis, you are welcome, thanks for supplying the photos.

kerri, yes, all related. my passion flowers are fruiting right now. not sure if the ornamental versions would be as tasty as those grown for fruit, though!