Sunday, August 30, 2009


my neighbor said this rainy summer has made all of us look like gardening geniuses! here's the south side of our house, from foreground to back: broom, harry lauder walking stick with sweet autumn clematis on top, and crape myrtle. behind the house is a big tulip tree.the potager, looking surprisingly good for late august because of the rain...
poodle all cozy on a cool, rainy day...


Miss M (InfG) said...

I want that sweet autumn.

Connie said...

Your potager looks great. All that work you did this spring to get the 'bones' in place really paid off nicely.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
we need more of this rain that has visited you...Where I live is still fine due to a good year of rain for the most part...but...not good predictions ahead though... and we have ongoing and chronic drought in so many parts of Australia that it is a major cause for concern as it looks like our bushfires will only become increasingly if last summer here wasn't bad enough!
Its very pleasing to look at your lush green, abundant potager!

Kerri said...

Your potager has been amazing. Even with the good, the bad, and the ugly, it's still a wonderful accomplishment, and you seem to have enjoyed it greatly :)
I have glads blooming in the weeds of our veggie garden. We've got a few sections looking better not though.
That crape myrtle is huge, and oh, how beautiful it is!
I love, love, love your doggy shots and this one is a beauty :)
I had to smile when you used the word "beaut" about the bouquet. I've only heard Aussies used that expression before :)
Yes, that braid is wonderful, isn't it? What an absolute pleasure it was to have those 2 little ones around. I wish our son and wife would bring our 2 grandsons for a week. We keep asking, but they think they'd drive us crazy. I think we could handle it :) Kids are in seventh heaven on a farm in summer.
Your front yard looks lush and gorgeous. Too much rain is certainly better than not enough.

em said...

miss m, it's hardy to zone 4, you can get one! i bought one plant and it has reproduced and i have it in a few places. the trick is not to cut it back until spring comes.

connie, thanks so much!

sophie, sorry about your drought! it's a bit drier here now... but i don't think we'll have any fires. we will have a prolonged leaf display this fall.

kerri, thanks for all the kind comments! well, i still think your bird photos are better!