Sunday, August 16, 2009


my hubs promised to make me a proper cedar trellis to replace the rustic trellis i made from twigs, which has been the center of the potager all summer. here's my recent sketch...8" cedar balls are quite expensive, so i've been trying to think of an alternative. any ideas?
this weekend i removed the ailing cucumbers and zuchinni, along with some poorly producing beans. i planted more carrots, lettuce and sugar snap peas. after...
here's the crape myrtle through the sunroom window. it's over 20 feet tall! are they supposed to get this big?
blight, shmight. i got one big tomato!!!! this is neve's azorean, which seems a bit resistant to late blight. and there are more coming!


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
I so wish could stand on my back verandah and see an abundantly growing potager... love the new trellis plans...slthough I do quite like all those handmade garden sculptural efforts...they have their own charm too it must be said!

Bad luck about the pesky visitors in the previous post! Also I see the animals are wanting a vacation is a cooler climate!

Connie said...

That trellis will be a wonderful focal point for your potager!

The crepe myrtle is a great looking plant.

Miss M (InfG) said...

Perhaps a gazing globe ? Otherwise get out the chisel and start carving !
I'll refrain from commenting on the potager because I'm so mightily jealous. :)
The crape myrtle is sublime.
Mmmm. Scrumptious-looking tomato.

em said...

sophie, thanks for the comment... i like the old trellis too, but i used dead wood and it's going to rot. i should have started with green wood, but i would have had to kill something to do that. the cedar trellis will last a long time. one hopes.

connie, thanks for the comment!

miss m, yes, i thought of that, but unsure how to anchor it. i think putting a pumpkin there would be funny. i may break down and buy the cedar ball that i like. thanks for your mighty comments!