Thursday, June 24, 2010


usually i harvest the 'champagne' currants around the 4th of july, but the heat this year caused early ripening, so i picked them tonight, ahead of a forecast storm.i cleaned them...
this is maybe 3 quarts, and it took me 2 hours to pick and clean them to freeze. hopefully i'll be able to make jelly saturday morning, before a family party, so i can bring them.
last night, the brugmansia 'pink beauty' was blooming... last august it had over 20 flowers blooming at once!
earlier in the week, this doe let me within 10 feet for a photo (no telephoto lens here.) note the scar, and if you enlarge the photo you can see evidence that this doe probably has a fawn hiding somewhere. she is just across the street from my house, and i hope she stays there!
we do have less deer invading the gardens this year, so i haven't had to protect the day lilies.
the potager today. i have harvested lettuce, rainbow chard, peas, 2 carrots and green beans. you can see the corn coming up in the foreground.


Anonymous said...

What else do you do with currants besides jam? We never see evidence of deer till winter when they get desperate for something to eat. But Mr. Bunny has no fear! I chased him away from munching my planter, and all he did was taunt me from the neighbor's yard, saying "You know I'll just go back to it when you go inside!"

sophie munns said...

They look so wonderful Em...champagne currants... the mind wanders of an a tangent...dont mind a drop of bubbles myself... why in particular are these currants so named?
I am ever so excited to hear that your mail art is on route over land and sea...
That someone as busy as you could make time... really delighted!

miss m said...

Oohing, aahing and drooling over that bumper crop of currants as I read this and 2 previous posts. Photography is stunning (what's new ?). Love, love, love that grasshopper pic and yes, the iris is magnificient ! What can I say about that magnolia bloom except stupendously beautiful ! (it was definitely worth a closer look).

Yes, summer is here ! I'm out there daily enjoying every minute which leaves little time (or drive) to "talk" about it.

Hope your inlaws enjoy their new living arrangements. Have a good and safe trip. Take care and thx for providing such wonderful posts !