Sunday, June 06, 2010


last summer was cool, rainy and tomato blight ruled. this summer is a scorcher. we're having august dog days in june. well, the toms are happy, while the rest of us are sweating. this is rose 'dainty bess.'baby grasshopper perches on dainty bess.
i'm pretty happy with this white iris photo, but i don't even know how i got so much contrast. the light was really nice, though.
the potager
clematis 'm julia correvon' really likes her digs in the potager.
more potager... later i pulled up the bolting spinach in the back left bed to replace it with cabbages, and, because i'm truly a garden fool, (difficult for me) parsnips.
i like the color combination of the outside (pink) and the inside (orange) of echinacea 'tiki torch' petals. the flower is orange.
foxglove leans to beckon...
i bought a nicotania seed mix, and this is my favorite color of the bunch.


sophie munns said...

That is such an unusual rose Em...'dainty bess'. Loved the echinaecea flower... as per the potager looks very lively and good luck with the parsnips!
The cabbage recipe sounded fabulous!
the weather sounds like its blazing hot - what's going on?
Have been in a massive rush of late... so its nice to tune in at least a little to the blogosphere and say hi!
Bye for now,

Gloria Freshley said...

These beautiful close-ups make me miss the yard of our former home, where we planted more perennials. Love the photo of the Echinacea! Gloria

Anonymous said...

Jungust, I love it! We had Maygust, but June has been a bit cool. My lantana was overwintered in the basement. I kept it watered, but it looked dead when I brought it upstairs in spring. But it came back to live. It's a bright colored version too, called Carlos.